RIPPLE: Branding From the Inside Out

Branding From the Inside Out

The Workshop

The AIGA Orlando Woman Lead Workshop Series, Ripple, is back! We are striving to make creativity more accessible and the experience more relatable. If you are a creative professional or business leader seeking to tell your brand story in a more meaningful way, join us virtually on May 1 at 9 a.m. EDT as Diane Levine and Miranda Anzelone of Think Integrated share how their team brings brand stories to life.

What makes a great brand, a great brand? It's more than beautiful design and clever copy. Great brands run deep, telling a story that's rooted in purpose, values and meaning. In this workshop, you'll get to build a brand from the inside out. Learn how to clarify and articulate a brand's purpose and promises. Practice creating powerful messages that connect a brand with its audience and inspire true believers. And bring the brand to life through thoughtful, meaningful design. The workshop is presented by the creative leaders of award-winning branding agency Think Integrated, who just completed their own rebranding process and are ready to share all the great insights they've learned along the way.

Register today and join us on May 1 at 9 a.m. EDT to gain insight on telling engaging brand stories. Virtual event information will be sent by email to all attendees prior to the event.

Diane Levine

​Diane Levine is a writer, a thinker, a wife, a mom and the proud owner of too many pairs of high heels. As Creative Director for branding and marketing agency Think Integrated, she leads brand story and creative development for a wide range of clients, working with a team of kickass writers, designers, programmers, strategists and other marketing masterminds. She spends her days listening, researching, brainstorming, collaborating, strategizing, writing and staring out the window (which she swears is part of her creative process). All of which results in award-winning campaigns for everything from organic grocery stores, liberal arts colleges and community fitness centers to nonprofit organizations, financial service firms and five-star resorts. She firmly believes that every brand has a great story to tell, and loves the challenge of bringing their compelling truth to light. Get to know Diane and her stories by connecting on social! @ogdianelevine / LinkedIn

Miranda Anzelone

​Designer. Photographer. Lettering Artist. Creatoring Podcast Co-host. Drone Pilot. After taking her first design class at 11, Miranda landed her first freelance design contract at just 16 years old. These days, she pushes the boundaries while creating distinct visual identities for brands and expressing them across any platform, from the essential (website, ads, signage, print materials) to the exceptional (40-ft-tall murals, neon signs, rainbow-sprinkled lettering). She's an avid creator off the clock as well, and counts knitting, crocheting and yoga among her hobbies, and—because no one’s productive all the time—working toward her annual Goodreads goal or playing Stardew Valley. Get to know Miranda and her creations by connecting on social! @themirandamarie / LinkedIn


AIGA Orlando’s Women Lead Initiative recognizes the disproportional representation of these creatives in spaces like design conferences and positions of leadership, particularly in comparison to their professional counterparts. The perspective and influence of creative women and femme folx are of extreme value to our community and we aim to bridge this gap.

In this quarterly workshop, we partner with local artists, makers, designers, and crafters from a range of disciplines to ignite a sense of exploration and experimentation across our creative community, fostering personal growth and amplifying the power of Orlando’s creative voice.

Learn more about AIGA's Woman Lead Initiative.

When & Where
Sat, May 1, 2021 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT
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