AIGA Orlando is dedicated to nurturing and empowering the creative community, and to that end, we are thrilled to announce our upcoming series of workshops focused on key pillars of professional development. Starting in 2024, we will bring a set of workshops that many creatives within our community have been asking for. 

Upcoming Workshops

February 2024
Expanding Your Critical Design Thinking

May 2024
Developing Your Most Productive Workflow

August 2024
Crafting Your Brand Voice

November 2024
Honing In On Your Presentation Skills

We aim to create an inclusive space where creativity knows no bounds. We extend a warm invitation to all those who harbor a spark of creativity within them, beckoning them to join us in a collective workshop experience. Whether you’re an established artist, a budding designer, or someone simply eager to explore their creative potential, our hands-on workshops are tailored to accommodate every level of expertise.

Stay tuned for more details on speakers, dates, and tickets. We can’t wait to see you at The Create Tour 2024!

Get your season pass!

Our Season Pass 🎟️ for the Create Tour, a four-part workshop series in 2024, is now on sale!

The Season Pass guarantees seating for all four workshops and saves you $80 on a season ticket, which is almost a 50% discount 💸. Tickets for each event will cost $70 at the door. Pay $50 now or $70 later.

Limited spots available! To stay true to a more intimate and authentic community-building experience, AIGA will only sell 15 season passes. The event attendance will be capped at 25 people.