Type Tuesday – Susana Gay

Meet Susana Gay.

Where do you find inspiration? I tend to do a LOT of research when I start a new project. So, my major inspiration sources really depend on the project itself. I’m working on a brand identity for a photographer right now, so I studied camera equipment – the old and the new, classic photography logos, etc. I get really deep into the subject of the project, and it allows me to come up with a vision.

Each member of my family is also a source of inspiration for me. I have a lot of ephemera I collected from my grandmother’s house back in Venezuela. It has all served as a source of inspiration at different times. And, my kids, of course have certainly sparked some ideas and designs. Traveling to large metropolitan cities is also really inspiring to me. And yes, I do use Google, and I love following lots of type nerds on Instagram. Lately, I’ve been enjoying some people on Pinterest too. Jeremy Pruitt is one of my favorites there.

What is your process for crafting hand-drawn type, or a typographic treatment?

I have a sketchbook, and I always start by doing a lot of small doodles. If it’s going to be lettering I start drawing it bigger on tracing paper or Graphics 360. I use pencils, Sharpies, and Micron pens mainly. Using good reference is key for me. I try to find something similar to what I’m envisioning. Some books I love for this purpose are Type. A Visual History of Typefaces & Graphic Styles (volumes 1 and 2), and of course Dover books. In some cases I will type the word(s) on the computer, look for a typeface that’s similar to what I’m envisioning and print it out. Then, I can trace over it and alter it as needed.

Playing with type is definitely one of my favorite things to do, but also a scary one. I have a lot of respect for typography and I always approach it with a certain amount of fear of messing it up. While I was at Disney I was lucky to work along side Thomas Scott, who insisted I shouldn’t be scared to play with lettering. I definitely don’t think I’m at a point where I’m great at it, but I am at a point where I will allow myself to play more and take more risks. It’s like anything else, it can only get better the more you do it.

If you could choose one word to sum up the plan of action for your year, what would it be? Growth. My older son is entering Kindergarten this year and I’m starting to dedicate more time to my career. Growing my business as my children grow is something I’m very much wanting to do.

Tell us one thing on your Someday list. There is an idea I’ve wanted to develop for a few years now. My husband and I had a brainstorm recently and came up with a very clear direction. But it has been hard for me to find the time to actually make it happen. I’m hoping it can become a reality someday soon.

Find more work from Susana on her website threehaus.com or connect with her on Twitter or Instagram @threehaus.

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By aigaorlando
Published May 14, 2013