Type Tuesday – Sean Brunson
Sean Brunson

If you had to live inside a work of art, which would it be and why?
Gonna have to go with something abstract and modern with lots of layers. Probably from Rauschenberg.
I find rest in these seemingly chaotic places.

What is the question you ask yourself the most?
This week its been, how can I come up with better answers to these questions so people don’t find me more interesting than I really am.

What would you save from your burning house?
I admit that I like to surround myself with inspiring pieces but in the end the only real important things are our loved ones.

Do you have a creative muse? Please explain.
I find inspiration everywhere honestly. Earlier in my career it was the more traditional channels of graphic design but now I find it in the outdoors, in exploring new cities, and in other forms of design like architecture and furniture.

How do you know when a piece of design is complete?
Im not sure to be honest. Its a gut feeling, intuition. Its something you cant teach.

Summer or winter? Why?
SUMMER. I don’t function well in the cold. Don’t mind visiting it but I love our weather here in Fl.

Find Sean online here: http://cargocollective.com/sbrunson

By aigaorlando
Published July 30, 2013
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