Type Tuesday – Jason Kucharski

Meet Jason Kucharski. He’s the Creative Director at Six° Creative Agency with an appetite for branding, tasteful typography, new technology, measuring analytics, music and anything that has wheels.

“When it comes to design, I lean toward a cleaner, corporate style, although I always have found inspiration in well crafted typography, especially traditional. I find that with today’s technology it is easy to lose the fundamentals of the creative process. I like to keep the pencil sharp and work out problems before we any assembly begins.”

Jason’s inspiration resources range from Communication Arts, Print Mag, dribble and countless blogs. Lately I’ve found inspiration with the work of Brandon Rike, Jason Munn and Ross Moody.

“My approach to crafting with type is the same as to any design, keep it simple, clean and meaningful.”

In his spare time he likes to focus on family and weekend adventures on his collection of motorcycles.

Each Tuesday we’ll feature a designer who loves type or a type that designers love. If you would like to be featured in Type Tuesday, send your portfolio or website link and a short bio to socialmedia@orlando.aiga.org.

By aigaorlando
Published April 2, 2013