Type Tuesday – Adam Grason

Meet Adam Grason.

Who is your favorite type designer? Drew Melton. His work is just incredible and he is an amazingly humble dude.

What is your process for creating hand-drawn type, or for crafting a typographic treatment? I typically sketch a lot…like an obnoxious amount. Take those sketches into Illustrator or Photoshop. The decision is based on the style of lettering I want to create. I try to keep everything as tight as possible so the client can see it nearly finished. Most clients see rough designs as crap and not a work in progress so to save yourself time, create a cleaner piece. From there I tighten everything up and call it done.

Where do you find inspiration? Pinterest! Seriously easy to find inspiration there.

Last three songs you listened to while designing? I can’t recall exactly, but it was either Disney related, Dub Step or Hans Zimmer.

Image credit goes to Disney for driving me to push my styling.

Find more of Adam’s work on his website here or on Dribbble.

Each Tuesday we’ll feature a designer who loves type or a type that designers love. If you would like to be featured in Type Tuesday, send your portfolio or website link and a short bio to socialmedia@orlando.aiga.org.

By aigaorlando
Published May 7, 2013