SPOTlight 2013 – Lisy Baez
Get to know Lisy Baez. She’s a designer who just completed the 2013 Mentorship Program. Read more about what she experienced in the program.

Level -Senior

School-University of Central Florida

Interest-Graphic Design, Typography

Who was your mentor? Devon Hoernschemeyer.

What made you want to participate in the program?

I thought it was a great opportunity to get help from a professional in my field. It was nice to have Devon’s input and ideas to help push me in my own design.

What did you learn or get out of the program?

I really got a lot out of the mentorship, besides a great mentor, a couple friends, I learned even more about what I am capable of and things that I was scared of trying especially in type I have gotten more comfortable in.

What did you learn from your mentor?

I had a huge breakthrough with my hand done type!

Describe your experience over all.

I went through all the stages with my design. The “I have all these ideas”, to “I have hit the design wall”, to where I ended “Wow, I can’t believe I did that!”

What was your favorite part or aspect of the program?

The pairing up of the mentees and mentors were on point! It was very well thought out. I felt understood and received great advice the entire time. Also the fact that I can simply text or call at any time and she was right there to help!

Describe your process for your final project? Creation? Set up day of SPOT? –Concept?

This was actually my first time in a Showcase so It was quite an experience. There was lots of sketches, and redoing but overall it was awesome. Through this project I really felt I found my “look” that was so hard to find and see before.

Anything additional to add?

Its been almost three months and because of the mentorship and my mentor I’m still practicing and incorporating hand done typography in my work. It definitely pushed me to become more unique, creative, and appreciative of hand done typography, and I feel like this is only the beginning.

Check out Lisy’s portfolio here.

By aigaorlando
Published July 11, 2013