2024 Mentorship Program

What is AIGA Orlando Mentorship Program?

The AIGA Orlando Mentorship Program pairs the most passionate design students with leading industry professionals to help refine their skills and prepare them for a career in a creative field.

What Will I Get from the Program?

As a Mentee

You will have an exhilarating design challenge! Also, you’ll have access to informative workshops, build your networking skills, and create a portfolio-ready design project.

As a Mentor

You will impart your skills and years of experience to make a lasting impact on the next generation of creative professionals.

Mentee Applicant's Fee Structure

$20 Application Fee (upon applying)
$45 Program Fee (trust us, it is worth it!)

Your project’s maximum budget is $200.
Note: $200 is not provided by AIGA – It’s a guide for you to budget your money

Please read all the details carefully.

Program Details and Overview

November 21, 2023 – Applications Open
December 08, 2023 – Applications Close
Date TBD – Accepted Mentee Proposal due
Date TBD – Kick-off (Mentee & Mentor Pairing)
Date TBD – Midway Check-in
Date TBD – Final Project Due
Date TBD – SPOT Showcase

*Approximate key milestone dates.

Between these milestone dates above, you will have access to informative workshops, exposure to learning how a design business works, and portfolio reviews. You are responsible for maintaining communication with your mentor throughout the four-month program.

🎉Once accepted into the mentorship program, we will have a kick-off meeting where you will be paired with a mentor and find out all the program details. Next, you will create a proposal for your design project.

Check out last year’s winners here.

Glad you asked! In April, we will have the Spot Showcase. An event where you will share and present your design project. There will be a panel, judging criteria, and awards.

After you finish the program, you will have established lasting connections, a portfolio piece, and the know-how to embark and show the world what a great designer you are.

Does the Mentorship Program sound appealing to you?

Then, what are you waiting for? Remember, spots are limited.