Tickling Béziers

During the first half of the day, you will learn letter-making utilizing sumi, marker brush and non-traditional implements. During the second half of the day, you progress to refining your composition with pencil, pen and ink, while utilizing the knowledge of stoke, modulation and contrast.

Under the guidance and instruction of Neil Summerour, you will learn about the lettering process through the eyes of a type designer and how to trust your hand to make refinements to your work (and avoid the trappings of a mouse and touch pad).

Neil Summerour is an independent type designer and lettering artist based in Georgia. Born in Portugal, raised in the United States, and with one foot in Asia, he graduated from The University of Georgia in Graphic Design, started a type and lettering studio, lectures, draws letters and lived happily ever after. He has won the Type Directors Club Certificate of Typographic Excellence 5 times and was a 2012 recipient of the People’s Choice Award in the Morisawa Type Design competition for his Japanese typeface Tegaki. Neil’s type and lettering work is used by such renowned brands as Victoria’s Secret, Revlon, Facebook, Oculus, PINK, Good Housekeeping, id Software, David Bowie, BBC, L’Oreal, Panera, Maxis, Britax, Colliers International, and ABC, to name a few.

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Twitter & Instagram: @positype

Websites: http://positype.com/ & http://swashandkern.com/

When & Where
Tue, Nov 30, -0001