Re:Solutions 2021

What is Re:Solutions?

Re:Solutions is a one-day conference dedicated to re:starting the new year inspired, informed, and re:invigorated.

About Re:Solutions

This year, we will have 8 sessions with a variety of topics and formats. The event will be streamed live all day on YouTube, and you will get the link emailed to you via Eventbrite

Re:Solutions is traditionally a paid, ticketed program. In past years, tickets for our general speaker session ranged from $50-$80 to cover the costs of the speakers and event production, as well as help us get funding for future programming. We are offering our full day of programming at no cost, but our speakers will have their Venmo/Cash app info available day if you’d like to contribute to them!

*Your name will be entered for giveaway drawings automatically through your registration on Eventbrite, and you must be present during the live stream to win!

Get up to date information at! Follow AIGA Orlando on Facebook and Instagram to get details of our speakers and the schedule of the day.

Morning Session (9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.)

Demo: Juan Tello - Create your own AR-R: Augmented Reality Risograph

Juan’s personal work is the result of his love for drawing, animation, and storytelling, where colorful and whimsical characters come to life. During this presentation you will learn how to create an Augmented Reality Risograph poster from scratch using Procreate and the online platform Artivive.

He will guide you throughout his illustration and animation process, showing you the necessary tools and tricks to produce looping images and how to use them to create a living Riso work of art.

IG: @hellojuantello TW: @hellojuantello Website:

Demo: You. Better. Work. Pitch.

You want a Maserati? You're going to have to work. We'll be going from start to finish on a branding project, breaking down how you can sell the work, work the pitch, and then get to work.

IG: @HochDotCo TW: @HochDotCo Website: HOCH.CO

Panel: UI/UX Design

Have questions about what it’s like to work in the UI/UX field? Come hear from some of Orlando’s experts on what it’s like to work in the UI/UX field.

Avery Smith - Moderator

IG: @averyaltonsmith TW: @AverySmith Website:

Cassie McDaniel - Panelist

IG: @cassiemakesI TW: @cassiemc Website:

Jasmine Orange - Panelist

IG: @jasmineinux TW: @jasmineinux Website:

Abhishek Murali - Panelist

IG: @abmiyengar TW: @abmiyengar Website:

Afternoon Session (12:30 - 5:00 p.m.)

Speaker: Jordan Eichenblatt - It’s Okay to Stop

A presentation about his journey from the coffee shop, to the production truck, to in front of the camera, to a hospital bed, to the water, to a hospital bed, to the world of advertising.

IG: @jordanosaur TW: @jeichenblatt Website:

Speaker: Tania Lili - Shit Happens

In the design field we talk about our work as if nothing else mattered. This talk is about how Tania’s personal life has shaped a lot of the decisions she has made in her career. She will talk about her path and work and how depression, divorce and living far from home has shaped her design practice.

IG: @tanialili TW: @tanialili Website:

Speaker: Eugenia Mello - The Universe Works

Notes on building a compass from intuition and trusting the invisible threads that weave together what becomes a journey. A talk about the courage to insist and carry on and the alchemy involved in our line of work.

IG: @eumiel TW: @eumiel Website:

Speaker: Temi Coker - Embracing Your Creative Journey

The journey is the reward not the destination. In this presentation, I want to discuss how important it is for us to really walk this creative journey instead of idolizing the destination. My creative journey led me to where I am today and the journey has made this chapter in my life sweeter. Let's reflect together and talk honestly about our journey, our WHY, and how we plan to push ourselves to grow daily.

IG: @temi.coker TW: @temi_coker Website:

When & Where
Sat, Feb 6, 2021 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST
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