Mentorship Program 2023 Registration

Registration instructions:

To become a mentor or a mentee, you must first register on Eventbrite and then you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the application form. You must complete the application form to be considered.

Entrant information:

Applicants must either be currently enrolled in a design program or show significant design experience, if enrolled, the applicant must be a Junior or Senior with at least 30 credits toward their degree. Special Applicants are also eligible if they have recently graduated no earlier than May 2022. Applicants accepted into the program will be paired with professionals based on interest and qualifications. Participants do NOT have to be AIGA members to apply. Applicants must have a portfolio of at least 5 pieces of work to submit.

There is a $15 non-refundable mentee application fee, and students must follow the application instructions for submitting a current portfolio. 


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Program Details:

The AIGA Orlando Mentorship Program pairs the most passionate design students with leading industry professionals to help refine their skills and prepare them for a career in a creative field. As a mentee in the program, you will be exposed to informative workshops and collaborative work sessions to enhance your personal brand and networking skills. Throughout the program, you will develop connections and relationships which are invaluable and can extend well beyond the program. As a mentor, you'll impart your skills and years of experience to make a lasting impact on the next generation of creative professionals.

Our mentorship program is a unique opportunity that has been established to enrich a culture of professionalism and endless creativity in the city of Orlando. Mentors and mentees will be thoughtfully paired by our chapter board members following the application submission period.

The program kicks off annually in mid-November with orientation. Starting from day one, successful entrants will begin working diligently with their mentors and continue to do so for the next 5 months. Each mentee is challenged with creating a campaign project to be displayed in the annual SPOT Award Showcase in April 2023.

When & Where
Sat, Oct 22, 2022 - Sun, Nov 20, 2022 12:01 AM - 1:00 AM EDT
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