6 Questions with Mads Jakob Poulsen from WOLFF OLINS
We had a chance to ask Mads Jakob Poulsen a few questions. Get to know him a little bit before the event on April 11th.

Why did you become a designer?

“I always had an interest in visual things, from book and CD covers to posters and music videos. In school I was almost more interested in designing the cover for a book report than writing it. I used to do graffiti and that actually taught me a lot about letters, shapes, colors etc.These interests turned into me pursuing graphic design and communication.”

Name a designer or artist you greatly admire or are most inspired by and why?

I love the old iconic works of graphic designer Paul Rand – timeless work, that are however still very much a product of its time. I recently saw an exhibit by artist Tobias Wong, I loved his quirky conceptual art.

What are the last 3 songs you listened to while working?

“Pursuit of Happiness” by Kid Cudi

“Dance Ghost” by Helado Negro

“Devil in A New Dress” by Kanye West

What advice would you give to a new graduate or designer just starting out?

“Trust your own work and find your own style. Nobody else will trust it, and you, if you don’t.”

What was the best piece of advice anyone ever gave you about being or working as a designer?

“Not sure. – Nike’s slogan Just Do It is motivational for mostly anything.”

If you could choose your last meal, what would it be?

“Sushi. Or poison.”

Come out on April 11th to meet LA Hall and Mads Poulsen at our WOLFF OLINS + AIGA/ORLANDO event. You’ll have the chance to ask questions and chat with him yourself!

By aigaorlando
Published April 4, 2013