6 Questions with LA Hall from WOLFF OLINS
We chatted with LA Hall from Wolff Olins and asked him a few questions.

Why did you become a designer?

“In high school I wanted to do studio art, but I knew that would freak my parents out. Graphic design was a good in between.”

Name a designer or artist you greatly admire or are most inspired by and why?

“I have lots, but over the years Jonathan Harris is someone who has always stuck out to me. He does mostly online projects, like We Feel Fine, but they always have an unexpected sincerity and intimacy about them, despite being very digital.”

What are the last 3 songs you listened to while working?

“You” by Nils Frahm

“Slippin'” by Quadron

“New Lands” by Justice

What advice would you give to a new graduate or designer just starting out?

“See next question.”

What was the best piece of advice anyone ever gave you about being or working as a designer?

“I had this awesome creative director, Robert Murdock, at Method in San Francisco, my first job out of college. A few months after I started, he told me about his first gig after school. When he started the job, he kept expecting someone to come up to him and explain how everything worked and what he was supposed to do around the place. About six months in, he realized that was never going to happen and he would have to figure it all out himself.

He was obviously trying to tell me something, but the story stuck with me because you can apply it to anything. In any situation, you can never expect to be given answers or assigned roles. You have to dig around and do some real investigation, create your own answers and questions. It’s an idea that keeps me from falling asleep at the wheel.”

If you could choose your last meal, what would it be?

“My mom’s Filipino Beef Caldereta. Haven’t had it in years!”

Come out on April 11th to meet LA Hall and Mads Poulsen at our WOLFF OLINS + AIGA/ORLANDO event. You’ll have the chance to ask questions and chat with him yourself!

By aigaorlando
Published March 28, 2013